Different Components of Residential Fences

A fence can be a central decorative point for your property, an important safety feature if you have children or pets, a way for you to have privacy, and/or a security feature. No matter what your reasons are for adding a fence to your investment, it’s important to know that the types of fences vary as do the materials they can be built from.

While your needs may vary or your tastes in what fence you choose to put on your property, you should consider carefully the style of your home and your neighborhood.

Although these different types of fences may be different, all fences have some similar parts.

The main parts of the residential fence are:


This is the part of the fence that goes in to the ground. It provides an anchor for the various parts of the fence. You can choose varying sizes and spacing to match your look.


This is the horizontal portion of the fence. These are not usually used for much more than the intended purposes of keeping the fence sturdy and strong. However it is not unheard of to use these parts to create shelves. etc.


This is where the most customization is involved with fences . You can have spaced panels, privacy panels, gothic, English or country panels. The options are nearly endless. If you wish you can even add lattice as the main source of fencing, or as a decorative touch.

No matter what you want, we will be able to work with you to design the fence of your dreams.