3 Tips for Hiring a Fence Contractor

Adding anything to your home and yard is a great decision. Adding a fence to your home or business is equity, safety, and often a necessity. Hiring a great fence contractor, however, isn’t so simple. With hundreds of contractors to choose from in any given city, the choice may seem overwhelming. Are they insured? Do they understand current building codes (especially for you business owners) and have knowledge and experience under their belt? Most of all, what is their track record with previous clients? All these questions and more must be asked before you ever ask a contractor to send you a bid.


The first item you must address is the contractor’s level of expertise. If you are a homeowner, assess the type of fence you require to determine what kind of contractor you need. If you are a business owner, you will want a contractor with experience in this field and the specific building codes required for construction. The type of fence, in this case, may also have a play in this hand. Some contractors have expertise in specific kinds of fences, they are carpenters and work with wood, or focus on commercial fencing in businesses. The design and coding you require will have a deciding factor in the kind of contractor you choose.


Once you have narrowed your search by expertise, you need to check credentials. The last thing you need in your home or business is a contractor who isn’t BBB approved, insured and licensed. Cold calling is a great way to assess a contractor’s verified skills and begin testing the relationship between you and the potential contractor. Ask them how many projects they work on at a time, ask about warranties and past experience in your chosen design field. Request referrals or reviews that you could investigate.


If the contractor is not independently or professionally insured, this should ring warning bells. You may also want to ask them about their rules of contract. With the economy as it is, a contractor out of regular work may ask for the full amount up front. This may be for their own safety, but it’s more professional for a contractor to start with a percentage at contract signing and varying payments as the work commences. This, however, depends on the extent of the job and is up to your own discretion with the job you need performed.

The contractor you choose should be the right person for your job. Not all contractors are created equal, however, and some factors should not be ignored. Your contractor should be fully licensed for your job. They should offer warranties on their work: it is a sign of professionalism and proof of confidence in their own work. They should have experience in their field with a passing BBB rating. Last of all, they should be knowledgeable. A contractor should give you options, explain the process and tell you when their experience would lend a helping hand in the process. Building a fence is serious and finding the best contractor is crucial.